Product and Packaging Conference is the third international conference on this subject, organized by the Department of Production Management and Logistics at Lodz University of Technology.

The subject of this year?s conference are contemporary challenges of products and packaging.

Aspects discussed at the conference will address, inter alia, modern product and packaging design, legal requirements in relation to packaging management and the role of product and packaging in logistics processes.

The upcoming conference is scheduled for two days - 25 and 26 November 2014. On the first day, we would like to invite You to the conference sessions having theoretical and practical character (due to a variety of invited guests) and on the second day on a trip to the companies, which activities are related to the issues of the conference.

The aim of the conference, despite the substantial contribution in discussed topics, is also to accumulate exponents of the business world on the conference amongst listeners and speakers. The conference language will be Polish and English.

We invite You to active participation in the conference.